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Imagining a new system for land use and zoning

Targeted, systematic, and racialized policies and practices were designed to exclude Black people and other minorities from homeownership, decent affordable housing and thriving neighborhoods.

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Our country’s history of racist land use, zoning and housing policies have resulted in growing homelessness; under-funded public housing; housing segregation; limited home ownership that puts renters at the mercy of rapidly increasing rents; gentrification and displacement; and affordable housing that has only been built in toxic, low-opportunity areas that are now also at risk for climate-related disasters.

To address these failed systems that perpetuate housing instability and homelessness we are investing policies, tools and practices that will advance more just and equitable housing opportunities for Black, Indigenous and Latino/a/x people with extremely low incomes.

Recent Grants Awarded

Habitat for Humanity
A one-year general operating grant of $250,000 to Habitat for Humanity to build affiliates' capacity to develop anti-racist campaigns and develop a Shared Equity Accelerator.
Boston University
A one-year project grant of $100,000 the Boston University Center for Antiracist Policy to develop a pilot Racial Policy Tracker in Washington, D.C.