Our new grantmaking strategy for equitable results

Before the 1980’s seeing someone sleeping on a bench was rare. Seeing someone living on the streets would have been alarming. But over the past 40 years, economic and social policies have driven millions of people into homelessness and unstable housing situations.

Whether sleeping under bridges, coach-surfing, living in over-crowded, unsafe apartments, or moving frequently because rent is unaffordable, homelessness and unstable housing are visible symptoms of failed policies.

The Trust has always focused on systems change, policy and advocacy aimed at reducing homelessness and housing instability. In 2021, we began to examine the root causes driving people into homelessness, and the populations most impacted–Black, Indigenous and Latino/a/x people with extremely low incomes.

Drawing on what we learned through data analysis, conversations with stakeholders and imagination sessions, in 2021 the Trust launched a new Grantmaking Strategy for Equitable Results to intentionally focus on the conditions that drive people into homelessness and housing instability, and the people most impacted.

Melville Trust Theory of Change Visual

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