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Inside Philanthropy Briefing: Housing and Homelessness

Philanthropy addressing homelessness and a lack of affordable housing is tiny in comparison to public funding, but charitable giving can fill some gaps and has the potential to support real change.

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NY to Give Homeless Youth ‘No Strings’ Cash

New York City is launching an experimental program that will give some homeless young people no-strings-attached direct cash payments of $1,250 per month as part of a public-private partnership supported by the mayor's office.

Paulette Matthews of the Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association
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Ford and Robert Wood Johnson Foundations Put $7.5 Million Into Efforts to Give Tenants Clout

As HouseUS works to support more tenants’ right groups, other philanthropic efforts are underway to ensure the federal money is put to good use.

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“Where People Live Matters.” Housing Funders Seek Systemic Change as Crises Mount

An overview of how the philanthropy is responding and adapting during a tumultuous time.

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Housing is Healthcare and Connecticut Needs More of It

This spring we came to understand what advocates have been saying for years—housing is healthcare.

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Some Tips for Small Foundations Seeking to ‘Punch Above Their Weight’

The Trust is profiled in this article examining how small foundations can make an outsized impact. 

Shirlene Stoven, 81, organized her fellow senior housing residents in the Applewood mobile home park in Midvale, Utah, and formed Applewood Homeowners Cooperative. They fended off developers and were able to work with the city and nonprofits to buy the land their homes sit on.
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Tiny Houses Alone Can’t Solve the Housing Crisis. But Here’s What Can

YES! Magazine takes an in-depth look at the housing affordability crisis and solutions popping up in cities and towns across the country.

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$10 Million From 9 Foundations Will Call Attention the Lack of Low-Cost Housing

The Trust joined forces with eight national foundations to create Funders for Housing and Opportunity, a funding collaborative dedicated to ensuring ensure individuals and families across America can afford safe, stable rentals in thriving communities.