Woman and child looking out the window of a brick apartment building, next to a man looking out his window.
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Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Through Our Partnership with Living Cities

Living Cities has a well-established anti-racist approach that addresses decades of structural racism and racist policies, which have denied investment and stripped wealth from Black, Indigenous and Latino/a/x communities.

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Connecting Research with Practice to Create a New Narrative about Homelessness

We know that the narratives we see and hear shape how we perceive the world and that making lasting policy change requires us to change how people think about an issue, whether it’s who deserves the right to marry, or why people live on the streets.

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Reflections on Solving Homelessness in America

Americans collectively have the resources, as well as the will, to ensure that our neighbors and family members in need can secure a safe place from which to anchor their lives.

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Announcing the Launch of the Housing Narrative Lab

Through research, education, training and communications support, the Housing Narrative Lab is focused on telling the story of who becomes homeless and why.

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Our New Grantmaking Strategy for Equitable Results

Focusing on the people most impacted, and the conditions that cause them to lose their housing in the first place.

Affordable housing construction in Boston
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Invest in America’s Infrastructure by Expanding Access to Affordable Housing

At a time when homes are becoming even more central to our lives, too many Americans are facing severe housing affordability challenges.

Westport neighborhood Baltimore
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Imagining a new system for land use and zoning

Targeted, systematic, and racialized policies and practices were designed to exclude Black people and other minorities from homeownership, decent affordable housing and thriving neighborhoods.

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The Stories We Tell

We tend to tell children heartening stories that have happy endings, and tales that boost their ambitious dreams.


How We Are Working to “Meet the Moment”

We are pleased to share news about several new funding commitments we’ve made to meet this particular moment in our nation’s history.