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Secure Jobs Evaluation

Lessons learned from our investments.

Melville in the News

Some Tips for Small Foundations Seeking to ‘Punch Above Their Weight’

The Trust is profiled in this article examining how small foundations can make an outsized impact. 

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Questions for Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is investing $2 billion to help families experiencing homelessness. But will it actually help in the long run?

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Four Strategies for Improving Homeless Service & Workforce Systems Collaboration

Caitlin Schnur from Heartland Alliance shares some concrete ways for the homeless service system and workforce system to work together to get people housed and employed.

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2017 Year in Review

A snapshot of the foundation's work over the past year including interviews with eight inspiring leaders in the field.

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Journey to Jobs: Understanding and Eliminating Barriers Imposed on Homeless Jobseekers

This report by Baltimore City’s Journey to Jobs initiative lifts up the interconnections between homelessness, economic instability, criminal records & racial disparities.

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Implementing Change: Addressing the Intersections of Juvenile Justice and Youth Homelessness for Young Adults

Resources for law enforcement, schools, state and local governments, and State Advisory Groups to understand and address the intersections between juvenile justice and youth homelessness.