How We Are Working to “Meet the Moment”

We are pleased to share news about several new funding commitments we’ve made to meet this particular moment in our nation’s history.

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Melville Trust’s Response to COVID-19

The Trust has always invested in addressing the underlying systems that cause homelessness, and in times of unprecedented challenge we believe it’s important for us to stay the course and remain focused.

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Some Tips for Small Foundations Seeking to ‘Punch Above Their Weight’

The Trust is profiled in this article examining how small foundations can make an outsized impact. 

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Questions for Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is investing $2 billion to help families experiencing homelessness. But will it actually help in the long run?

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$10 Million From 9 Foundations Will Call Attention the Lack of Low-Cost Housing

The Trust joined forces with eight national foundations to create Funders for Housing and Opportunity, a funding collaborative dedicated to ensuring ensure individuals and families across America can afford safe, stable rentals in thriving communities.