Our Priorities

Here are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we review a grant. You can find detailed information on our funding approach here.


Will this work have a clear impact on ending homelessness or provide opportunities to test a promising model? Are these anticipated results clearly described?

Will it address one of more of our program areas: HousingHealth and Support or Income?

Will our investment support important work in Connecticut or policy or advocacy at the national level?

Systems Change:
Will our investment change the way people and organizations currently do business?
Will it move systems by enlisting partners and pushing policies, perceptions, and practices toward effective solutions rather than advancing individual and independent activities?
Read more about our approach to funding

Add Value/Replicable:
Will it fill an important gap in our approach to homelessness or teach us something that will be useful to others working to end homelessness?

Is the investment consistent with the values of autonomy, opportunity, and resilience?
Will the project ensure that the person/family served is at the center of all strategies and is entrusted to make their own decisions, or strengthen their ability to bounce back from crisis?
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Does the organization have the capacity to deliver results?
Do they have a strong record of performance, sound management, and a strong focus on outcomes?
For collaborative efforts, we are looking for a talented organization to provide leadership, coordination, and support to the effort.

Does the project leverage the work or funding of others?

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