Increase Housing Supply

We support efforts to increase the supply of affordable rental housing for people with extremely low incomes*.

We are in the midst of one of the worst rental affordability crises that our country has known. While many cities are experiencing a construction boom, the housing created is most often out of reach for families with extremely low incomes* (See data for the state of Connecticut.) As rents climb and wages remain stagnant, additional affordable housing is essential to prevent more individuals and families from falling into homelessness. *When we say “extremely low-income” we are referring to individuals with incomes about $6,000/year or $12,000/year for a family of 4, half of the federal poverty level. Map with number of units of affordable housing per 100 ELI renter by state

Grant Inquiries

The majority of our grants are made to organizations independently identified by our staff. Learn more about our funding process.

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