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“Where People Live Matters.” Housing Funders Seek Systemic Change as Crises Mount — Inside Philanthropy

…equity in the allocation of federal and state emergency funds. All told, FHO has supported 23 direct response efforts on the local level. They include COVID response work by the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center to halt evictions and find space for unhoused people in hotels; efforts by StreetRoots to distribute supplies to homeless people in Portland, Oregon; and Power4STL’s provision of hygiene services and

Our Story

…foundation’s next President—its third leader in 30 years—after serving as the Trust’s Program Director. In that role she led the foundation’s housing and racial equity efforts and managed a state and national portfolio of grants supporting solutions to homelessness. Susan was chosen for her visionary leadership, longstanding commitment to advancing racial equity, and deep experience fostering successful collaboration between sectors and agencies.      …

How We Are Working to “Meet the Moment”

…all to see. The pandemic has demonstrated just how vulnerable people are when they do not have a safe place to call home; the growing financial inequality across our nation; the fragility of our inadequate safety nets; and the impact of racist housing, health and economic policies that have left Black and Brown Americans at particular risk of death, job loss and financial ruin. And

Imagining a new system for land use and zoning

…continue to disconnect and disempower BIPOC individuals and communities. For example, community mapping projects highlight how land use policies have contributed to persistent racial segregation and racial disparities. The Alliance for Housing Justice also has a great resource on the 27 Ways Racism and White Supremacy Impact Housing. Build and shift power. Philanthropy can play a critical role in funding the organizing and operational infrastructure…

Our Funding Approach

and evaluate their performance. Learn more about Secure Jobs Connecticut Increase Civic and Political Will & Investment We support efforts that increase civic and political support for strategies that expand effective practices, and encourage public and private investment in these proven programs and promising practices. See the in-depth reporting on housing and homelessness from NPR and WNPR Build Leadership in the Field We provide support…

Reflections and Gratitude from Our Executive Director

…like to be retiring soon, and I must admit, the feelings are bittersweet, a mixture of sadness that comes with change and real excitement for what is to come, for me and for the work of ending homelessness. I will dearly miss working with wonderful colleagues across the field who focus their creativity and passion every day on creating homes, ending homelessness, and advancing justice….

Frog Hollow, Hartford

…City Works provides residents and the local Hartford community with dynamic programming centered around healthy food including: The Kitchen: This cafe and bakery provides adult culinary job training for Hartford residents and a successful retail and catering business at Billings Forge and the Hartford Public Library. It’s also our go-to caterer and lunch spot! Youth: Continuing the focus on food and community, Forge City Works…

Secure Jobs Connecticut 2.0

…in order to achieve better short- and long-term outcomes for themselves and their families. Support included flexible funds to help with childcare and transportation, assistance with job searches and interviews, and greater coordination across agencies to build a network of effective wrap-around services. Read more about the Secure Jobs Connecticut pilot , the summary evaluation and full evaluation .     The Melville Trust’s Role…

The Stories We Tell

…economic and land use policies, not personal failures, so the way to end homelessness must focus on correcting those policies, not blaming individuals. Lake Research Partners, ASO Communications and HIT Strategies are conducting essential research and message development about who becomes homeless and why, and veteran campaign director Jeffrey Robinson is overseeing the research and launching a comprehensive communications infrastructure. The communications ‘war room’ will…

Invest in America’s Infrastructure by Expanding Access to Affordable Housing

…(D-ME) and John Danforth (R-MO), can help harness tens of billions of dollars in private investment to build and preserve millions of affordable rental homes. And, when paired with additional subsides at the state and local level, LIHTC can help expand housing opportunities and choice to individuals with extremely low incomes. Similarly, enacting the bipartisan Neighborhood Homes Investment Act would encourage much-needed private investment in…

Ford and Robert Wood Johnson Foundations Put $7.5 Million Into Efforts to Give Tenants Clout

…rental increases. It could also allow renters to organize into a union without landlord interference and make it easier for renters to purchase buildings when landlords put them on the market. Organizations supported by the fund have also promoted the creation of community land trusts that allow people in a neighborhood to create a nonprofit to purchase housing developments and preserve them as affordable housing….

Melville Trust’s Response to COVID-19

…to live, is healthy and supported, and has the income to sustain themselves has been and continues to be at the core of who we are and what we do. We invite you to let us know what else we could be doing or share specific challenges your organization is facing. In the meantime, and on behalf of the Board and staff of the Melville…

Melville Trust Response to the US Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) Strategic Plan

…violence, trauma and stress related disorders, economic family factors, etc.” These are symptoms of homelessness, not root causes, and it is tremendously alarming that the federal agency responsible for our national response to homelessness does not understand the difference. Just as the pandemic has exposed racial and economic injustices, and the videoed murders of innocent black people has laid bare the country’s deep racial biases,…


and affordable housing is key to ending homelessness. We are funders and conveners, leaders and advocates for long-term sustainable change. We are inspired and united by the vision of a society where everyone has a place that they can call home–safe, decent, and affordable places in healthy, economically thriving and supportive communities. We identify, support, and promote practices that are most effective in ending homelessness….

Melville Charitable Trust Selects Its Next President

and galvanizing support for a common cause. We believe her leadership will open new avenues for investing in visionary organizations, advancing racial equity, and fostering deep collaboration between sectors. “I am truly honored to serve and lead this wonderful foundation,” said Thomas. “I joined the Trust over five years ago because of its unwavering commitment to ending homelessness and its strategic support of systems change….

A Personal Reflection by Melville Trust President Susan Thomas

…affected Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQ Youth and Young Adults – because that is what is needed and what is the right thing to do. Faith without works is dead. My fervent hope is that my brothers and sisters will do more than send thoughts and prayers and seek more than hollow victories that do nothing for the “least of these.”…

Housing is Healthcare and Connecticut Needs More of It

…has been presented between preventing a catastrophic wave of evictions and housing those who are already experiencing homelessness. This is a false and harmful choice. This spring we came to understand what advocates have been saying for years—housing is healthcare. Sheltering in place to prevent the spread of a highly contagious and deadly virus is not an option when you have no home, and maintaining…

The Issue

…report. For data on the state of housing and homelessness in Connecticut see information from our grantee partners, the Partnership for Strong Communities and Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness. Why do people become homeless? Homelessness as we know it today can be traced to massive funding cuts to federal affordable housing programs, welfare and mental health care, which began in the 1970’s. Most individuals and

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