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“Where People Live Matters.” Housing Funders Seek Systemic Change as Crises Mount — Inside Philanthropy

…underway at the start of September. The initiative is casting a wide net for housing policy ideas, prioritizing leaders and advocates who’ve experienced housing insecurity themselves. The plan is to use those submissions to assemble a playbook for bold federal action on housing during the first 100 to 200 days of the next presidential term. “[Housing] affects so much more in our life than where


…$80,000 in 2020). Health and Support Prevention and Intervention 2020 CT Community Solutions 250,000 To support technical assistance to strengthen community efforts to end chronic and veteran homelessness through the Build for Zero initiative Health and Support Prevention and Intervention 2020 National True Colors United 100,000 In support of the National Youth Forum on Homelessness to broaden the scope and reach of youth collaboration in…

How We Are Working to “Meet the Moment”

…country and promote racial equity. While there is considerable interest in Congress to address housing affordability challenges facing working families, there is no organization that currently advocates for bipartisan housing policies. Recognizing the critical importance of housing to the ongoing national conversation about racial justice, BPC is committed to thoughtfully recruiting a diverse and dynamic group of experts and leaders for this effort who can

What Can You Do in 100 Days? House 100 Youth? You Bet!

…teams of up to 25—to get down to work. Louisville 100-Day Challenge Team, Photo: Aimee Hendrigan The 100-Day Challenge, pioneered by the Rapid Results Institute, is a simple idea with profound outcomes. A community that is wrestling with a tough problem commits to an audacious goal (like ending the experiences of homelessness for a large number of young people in each community in just 100

Our Story

…making strategic investments in visionary organizations willing to take risks, embracing proven best practices, and fostering deep collaboration between sectors. We currently provide $6-7 million of grant funding each year to nonprofit organizations that share our goal. Since our founding in 1990, we have invested over $140 million to end homelessness in Connecticut and change policy on a national level. The Melville Family We owe…

Secure Jobs Connecticut 2.0

…of Coastal Fairfield County, New Canaan Community Foundation South Central and Middletown, Meriden, Wallingford Regions (MMW) Grantee: Workforce Alliance Total Funding Awards: $87,500 for South Central Region and $85,500 for MMW Collaborating Foundations: United Way of Greater New Haven, Liberty Bank Foundation, Peach Pit Foundation, Middlesex County Community Foundation, ION Bank, Meriden Community Foundation For more information Please contact Rebecca Allen, Senior Program Officer:

Frog Hollow, Hartford

…of the 112 apartments and to ensure that they remain affordable residential units for the community. In 2014, we entered into a partnership with Preservation for Affordable Housing (POAH), a national nonprofit, to leverage investment for capital improvements to the properties while ensuring that they remain affordable and resident services are available. If you visit Billings Forge today, you’ll notice a classically restored façade that…

The Issue

…people in families with children who are living without a home. Early estimates suggest an addition 250,000 people will experience homelessness due to COVID-19 related unemployment and recession. Thanks to the ‘housing first’ approach and other targeted interventions, homelessness has declined by 12% since 2007—meaning 79,000 fewer people live without homes. Since 2009 the number of veterans experiencing homelessness declined by 50%. About 35,000 unaccompanied…

Our Funding Approach

to take the long view and learn what is working well and from what is less successful. Based on evidence and our own experience over the past 25 years, we believe that ending homelessness requires: a commitment and willingness for all of us to rethink how we do our work, collaborate, and learn together in new ways organizations to cross traditional boundaries and individuals to

Melville Charitable Trust Selects Its Next President

…also selected to participate in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Fellowship program targeting leaders working to improve outcomes for children, families, and communities. Before joining the Trust, Susan was Project Officer for Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, where she was responsible for leading Unsheltered No More!, an initiative to dramatically reduce street homelessness which placed over 1,000 homeless men, women, and children into permanent housing….

Melville Trust’s Response to COVID-19

too many of our neighbors. The Trust has always invested in addressing the underlying systems that cause homelessness, and in times of unprecedented challenge we believe it’s important for us to stay the course and remain focused. Recovering from this pandemic – for people experiencing homelessness and for those on the verge – will require an even greater emphasis on supports and long-term solutions. Rental…

Reflections and Gratitude from Our Executive Director

…an uptick in advocacy, mobilizing and pushing government to do the right things and undo the wrong things. In some parts of the country this new activism is leading to stronger tenant protections, greater investments in housing affordability and supply, and important zoning reforms. It is a time ripe with opportunity for organizing and pushing for change. There is so much work to be done….

The Stories We Tell

…we tell about housing, moving us from scarcity, fear-based narratives to those that offer a positive and inclusive vision for the future. Another project we are investing in – the Homeless Narrative Action Campaign – is national in scope and aims to shift public dialogue around the causes of homelessness. We know that homelessness is the result of racist and dysfunctional housing, healthcare, criminal justice,…

L.A. County Will Try to House 100 Homeless Youths in 100 Days

Profile of the 100 Day Challenge to End Homelessness in Los Angeles, a project of A Way Home America. Date: July 26, 2016 Publication: Los Angeles Times Read the full article…

Housing is Healthcare and Connecticut Needs More of It

…federal partners—announced an effort to house 1,000 people experiencing homelessness by the end of September. It is a model being implemented successfully across the country, but it can only work long-term if it is funded fully. This big push to house the state’s homeless residents was made possible through the CARES Act, which provided flexible funding to rapidly re-house people experiencing homelessness. (Reaching Home Campaign…


…and innovations in ending homelessness. We use this experience to inform our investments in organizations that support the expansion of scalable, cost-effective, and empowering solutions to end homelessness. Our grantmaking is grounded in three simple beliefs: Homelessness in the wealthiest democracy in the world is scandalous. Ending homelessness is within our reach. All we need is the political will to make it happen. Safe, healthy,…

Susan Thomas

…as a Casey Fellow has been instrumental in helping the Trust develop a targeted grantmaking strategy that focuses on ending homelessness for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Prior to joining the Trust, Susan was Project Officer for Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, where she was responsible for leading “Unsheltered No More!,” an initiative to dramatically reduce street homelessness that placed over 1,000 homeless men,…

Melville Trust Response to the US Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) Strategic Plan

how the agency will work with other federal agencies to do it. If USICH was truly interested in the dignity of work and self-sufficiency, it would have detailed how it would collaborate with the Department of Labor to create a living wage and provide viable pathways to employment. It would spell out its partnership with the Department of Education to ensure everyone has quality education…

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